FranklinCovey Microlearning for Managers

The Challenge For Today’s Workforce

To drive your organization forward, every single employee needs to stay focused on their most important work. Being good at their core job is no longer enough in today’s fast-changing workplace. Your people also need the personal and professional skills to build effective relationships, solve problems, innovate, and communicate. When your employees develop these next-level skills, they become a key difference maker to drive your organization forward.

Perhaps most important of all, they need to fit the development of these skills into the slivers of their already jam-packed days.

Free Guide

7 Ways to Get More Out of 1-on-1s With Your Manager

Use this guide to help everyone in your organization get more out of their 1-on-1 meetings.

Free Guide

Adapt to Change: 5 Self-Coaching Questions

Help your leaders identify their current approach to change and adopt a productive mindset that helps them thrive.

Bite-Size Performance Support for Leaders

Like a virtual mentor, Microlearning helps build leadership skills over time—delivering practical tips and advice through an engaging email newsletter and access to a robust library of nearly 2,000 videos, articles, and tools.

The Microlearning library has different interfaces and newsletters by role—manager or individual contributor. This ensures that learners receive the most tailored, relevant content for their interests and day-to-day work.

Notable features:

• A weekly email newsletter option for managers and individual contributors.
• Access to two libraries (manager-focused and individual contributor) on a single website.
• Mobile-optimized user experience for easy access on any device.
• Quarterly engagement reports so you can see what’s trending with your employees.
• Fresh content added weekly.

Keys to Effective Leadership

Meet Business Objectives

Because Microlearning is a quick-use resource, managers can problem-solve on the fly and get back to work achieving their goals—whether that’s improving sales numbers, increasing customer satisfaction, or training employees.

Recruit and Retain Top Talent

Practical tools help leaders elevate their skills in hiring, coaching, trust-building, developing others, and other essential skills.

Become More Confident and Problem Solve

Microlearning’s friendly, informal style wins over even reluctant managers. And the step-by-step guides, worksheets, and sample scripts make it easy for leaders to incorporate their learning into their day-to-day work.

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