Our People

A Culture Built by Achievers With Heart

Who Are FranklinCovey North?

We are the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian part of the global company FranklinCovey Co.

We’ve been here for more than 20 + years, working both locally and globally. We are the world leader in helping organizations achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior, often the most difficult challenge any organization faces. When accomplished, it is also the most durable competitive advantage.

How Do We Work?

We work closely together with our clients, helping to identify and clarify current challenges and wished results.

We have a variety of setups to meet the clients’ specific needs:

  • On-demand solutions
  • Digital & physical facilitation and workshops
  • Tailor-made impact journeys

Our extensive experience has clearly shown us that spaced repetition is really the key to generating long lasting change in organizations. Taking the time to internalize the knowledge that is received during our programs and journeys.

Henry Rawet

CEO | Chairman

Rickard Hedberg

Chief Operating Officer

Tonje Elisabeth Aaroe

Client Partner Norway

Jukka Sundberg

Client Partner Finland

Maud Ekarna

IT & Digitalization

Cecilia Wennerlund

Implementation Strategist

Susanne Mennfort

Implementation Strategist

Alexandra Wennerholm


Josefin Billborn


Camilla Sahlin

Client value & Operational excellence

Vera Wallgren

Localization Manager |
Client Service Coordinator

Wilma Stenhardt

Client Service Coordinator

Kristin Wikström

Client Service Coordinator

Anna Backlén

Financial Manager

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